Natalias is a generative art project built on Bitcoin using the principles of Ordinal Theory and Digital Matter Theory (DMT). The project uses a deterministic generation model based on the Bitcoin blockchain block height, allowing for the creation of unique, one-of-a-kind digital paintings.

The pieces in this collection were forged from blocks in the Bitcoin blockchain that contain the fed pattern in their "bits" hex value. As of March 2024, only 2,016 of these blocks exist, so there are only 2,016 valid pieces in the collection. If in the future, there are more blocks that contain the pattern, more Natalias can be minted.

Natalias was a fair launch & free mint, broadcast on March 5, 2024 to Twitter and public Discord servers. Participants hunted for valid blocks and inscribed them to claim their artworks. There were a total of 3,847 transactions that tried to mint the 2,016 pieces, and the mint completed in about an hour.

The project operates under the $dmt-natalias DMT token inscription, which oversees the image generation logic, ensuring that each artwork is uniquely tied to a specific block number within the blockchain.

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